Atlantic Immigrant Pilot Program

1. What is the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program (AIPP) facilitates employers in Canada to hire immigrants in order to fill vacant positions for skilled labour in the country.

In addition, the program has been designed to assist immigrants as well who intend to migrate to Atlantic Canadian provinces for settlement purpose.

These workers can apply to these job offers and receive settlement support from prospective employers while satisfying their job needs as well. So basically it?s a mutually beneficial program for both the parties.

2. Which are the Atlantic Provinces in Canada?

Four Atlantic Provinces that Are eligible for AIPP

Nova Scotia

Brand new Brunswick

Prince Edward Island (PEI), and

Newfoundland and Labrador Based on figures released by Citizenship Canada, Refugees, and Immigration (IRCC), 1,896 companies in the Atlantic Canada area have made 3,729 work has thru the AIPP after the launch of its in 2017 as well as 2,535 major candidates and the families of theirs are authorized for permanent residence.

The AIPP is available until December thirty one, 2021.

3. What are the Benefits of Applying below AIPP?

For starters, the AIPP doesn't have points system unlike other everlasting residency shows, making it a somewhat far more comfy choice among immigrant candidates.

The system doesn't expect a top score to confirm English language skills in comparison to Express Entry Program.

Apply Under AIPP

4. What would be the Qualifying Criteria for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot for Canada?

To put on under this system the applicant should meet the following qualifying criteria:

They have to get a job offer from a qualified employer based within the provinces of Atlantic Canada.

The applicant should have a settlement for themselves along with their accompanying family members. Most settlement plans are free. The applicant is going to need to handle a settlement service provider organisation that could help produce the settlement program. After it's been produced, the candidate must distribute a copy of the program on the designated employer.

The job offer made by the employer should meet the demands of the specific system that the applicant has qualified for.

The offer should not be in the same area as every other last task that the applicant worked for in previous times.

5. How to put on for the Atlantic Immigration Pilot for Canada?

The Atlantic Immigration Pilot Program was released in 2017 basically as an employer driven system. The pilot project has become in the third year of its and after getting run effectively thus far, the ever more popular pilot program has become being extended as much as the conclusion of 2021.

The Canadian immigration announced this season which the pilot program would today ease up several of its eligibility requirements to facilitate much more family members (partners and spouses of applicants) to do the job as well as reside within Canada,and assistance unite because of their family settled in Canada.

9. What are the fundamental Steps for Applying underneath the AIPP?

The candidates have got to initially get a job offer from an approved employerin Canada, to have the ability to shift- Positive Many Meanings - to among the provinces of Atlantic Canada.

The candidates likewise have to secure provincial endorsement before being ready to submit an application on the Immigration, Refugees in addition to Citizenship Canada (IRCC).

The candidates that get a job offer from a designated employer as well as a referral letter given by among the Atlantic provinces might stand qualified to put on for an one year Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) exempt, employer specific work permit.

10. Is There Any Qualifying Criteria for Employers Too?

Indeed, the companies that want to employ skilled and capable immigrants underneath the AIPP application will have to affect the provinces to get the designation. Every employer in various provinceswould require different/separate designations for every province.

The employers have to fulfill certain criteria to get approval for hiring competent immigrants underneath the program.These consist of determination on the part of theirs to allow for the brand new immigrant and their accompanying family to settle into daily life of the Atlantic province.

FAQs on AIPP 1. Can I go to the next province after using below AIPP?

Brand new immigrants to the province have to comply with the federal law of the particular territory or province that they've been nominated. As part of the law, they're expected to remain in the province for a specified length of time.

2. Is LMIA needed by employers for AIPP?

Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) is frequently challenging as well as costs higher (approx. 1dolar1 1,000). Additionally, it requires- Positive Many Meanings - longer processing time. Consequently, it is generally not needed under the AIPP.

For much more guidance on requesting Pr under AIPP, contact one of our pro staff now and also make the way of yours into finding work and settling within the Atlantic provinces of Canada.

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