The Caribbean islands are a group of destinations on the Caribbean Sea, generally grouped as West Indies together with couple of mainland places as Suriname, Belize and Guyana. The Caribbean is considered among the best tourism destinations on earth with the pristine beaches and organic beauty.

The Caribbean region has within the last forty yrs has created into a medical training hub for overseas pupils, particularly from Usa, Canada, European countries and India, because of the American Education system as well as curriculum absolutely followed by the colleges, furthermore that have their medical websites on United States. Studying Medicine in the Caribbean is an easiest and clear pathway to keep healthcare practice and education in USA. Most pupils learning in the Central American or Caribbean Medical Universities were profitable in the Residency positioning and work in more than forty five countries, particularly Usa, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, etc.


Main Reasons to study Medicine in the Caribbean islands & Central America: Caribbean health facilities strictly stick to the US Education program as well as curriculum and are centered on making Physician workforce for countries as Usa, Canada, etc.

Chance to obtain two Years of Clinical rotations plan in teaching medical facilities in Usa or UK

MCAT, SAT, IELTS / TOEFL Scores not needed Practical and Perfectly designed training curriculum as well as design which leads to success rates that are high in licensing examinations as USMLE, PLAB, MCI FMGE, AMC etc.

Committed USMLE training / preparations throughout the course of study

As much as 10 times lesser expense than learning Medicine in Usa or any other major developed nations In many Accredited Universities we recommend, pupils create the NBME - National Board of Medical Examiners' examination - Usa 's board exams.

NBME is the body which conducts the mini keyboard exit examinations for Medical pupils in the US Universities.

NBME is the body which governs the USMLE examinations too. Hence, nearly all of these universities follow exactly the same curriculum followed in Usa or Canada and impart USMLE train from Semester one

Shorter program durations: four - 5.5 Years. Premedical qualification isn't mandatory in not many universities for pupils with strong academic background

Hundred % Free, Globally recognized post graduate education in Usa or various other advanced countries on good conclusion of USMLE or any other respective licensing examinations

Stipend paid during Post Graduate Education (Minimum of 3,500 - 8,000 1dolar1 pm) High standards of living; peaceful, secure, and Safe setting.

Climatic circumstances much like India (temperatures ranging from 25?C to 35?C), Great for Clinical exposure.

Around 2.5 million / Approx thirty % of individuals in the Caribbean are of Indian origin (Source: Wikipedia).

Not many colleges below are run as well as amenities governed by Indian managements; Significant amount of Indian pupils.

3 intakes a year: January, May and September

Excessive Visa success rate as well as lower documentation requirements

The Medical Universities we recommend are recognized as well as approved by worldwide bodies like

  • MCI - Medical Council of India
  • Governments of the international locations they're located in
  • ECFMG - Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, USA
  • FAIMER's IMED - Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education as well as Research 's International Medical Education Directory, USA
  • ACGME - Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education - Residency or Teaching hospitals in USA
  • MCC - Medical Council of Canada
  • Who - World Health Organization 's Avicenna Directories, etc.,
  • In common terms, these colleges are much like IIT along with other entry examination Olympiad facilities running within not many regions of India. Apart from imparting healthcare training, the colleges focus entirely on the licensing examination [USMLE (USA), MCCQE (Canada), PLAB (UK), AMC (Aus / NZ), etc.] and cook the aspiring pupils to achieve success in the exact same.

    Hence the programs are profession oriented, but cost highly effective / value for cash.

    System Structure:

    The applications are organized so that after the pupils well-defined Step one of NBME / USMLE upon completing Basic Medical Sciences in Yr two (in several instances Yr three) they might do the 3rd of theirs as well as 4th year - Clinical scientific studies (within couple of instances 4th as well as 5th years) in affiliated teaching medical facilities in USA(Optional). Pupils are able to do the clinical rotation of UK also without clearing PLAB/USMLE.

    Right after finishing USMLE Step 1&2 with a good score (Either in Usa / Central America) or uk, Pupils receive a short-term / Provisional License to obtain the Residency program of USA or Canada.

    "Residency" is an alternative for pupils to obtain Post Graduate instruction or Specialization in a teaching hospital of Usa or Canada or UK, etcetera, on labor based learn mode. The PG method is hundred % totally free of tuition fee. A really good stipend is paid throughout the program. Least Stipend ranges from US 1dolar1 4,000 and might be as much as US 1dolar1 12,000 or Month. Students typically earn back what they've spent on the UG education of theirs within a span of one - 1.5 years. Additionally they have excellent likelihood of settling down in the international locations from that the finish Residency.

    Additionally, Pupils who complete Residency program in Usa or Canada / UK or Australia or New Zealand have extra advantages back in India also. They need NOT Write MCI Screening Test If They're COMING To INDIA To continue The PRACTICE of theirs.

    Five STEPS that are EASY Consult The Lokahh international team. Find out about the eligibility criteria & , future career prospects, visa success rates, costs, universities, entrance examinations, requirements etc

    Use for the faculty of the choice of yours with academic papers, declaration of purpose, reference letter, etc

    On effective payment and admission of a component of tuition charge, put together the Visa files and put on for Visa and make travel plans On Visa approval, fly to Central America or Caribbean. Enroll with the Faculty.

    Study Pre Medical program (eight Months - 1.5 Yr in case needed based on Faculty criteria).

    Review Basic Medical Sciences - five Terms (two Years).

    Write NBME Board Exams and USMLE Step one (USMLE is optional)

    Analysis Clinical Sciences in Usa or Canada / UK or the Caribbean teaching hospitals (two Years)

    Write USMLE Step two CS and CK (Optional)

    Write NMBE Clinical board exams

    Graduate - Earn a physician of Medicine - MD degree equivalent to MBBS in India

    Apply for Residency program of Usa through NRMP after good USMLE Step one, Step two - CS and CK scores


    Alerting Note:

    Informative Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates - ECFMG has in 2010, announced which coming from the Year 2023 (Pupils enrolling in a five or 5.5 Year Pre Med - MD Program in Caribbean from Year 2018 will graduate Only After January 2023) Only pupils of Caribbean Universities that're Fully Accredited by CAAM HP / ACCM will be qualified to show up for USMLE Exams or Apply for PG Residency plans in Usa.

    Nevertheless, simply several Universities located in the Caribbean are properly Accredited. Kindly Ensure You are cautious while picking a faculty. Just Sign up for Institutions Fully Accredited by either CAAM HP / ACCM.

    List of Current Medical Schools in the Caribbean:

    Ranking Institution Country Located Established CAAM HP / ACCM Accreditations Status Comments

    1. American Faculty of Caribbean SintMarteen 1978 Full Accreditation - ACCM Pre Medicine Unavailable, Not Ideal for Indian Pupils. Costly, Suitale for American Pupils Only

    2. Saba University Saba 1994 Accredited by NVAO asPer Government Requirements Pre Medicine Unavailable, Not Ideal for Indian Pupils. Costly, Suitale for American Pupils Only

    3. American Faculty of Antigua Antigua and Barbuda 2004 Full Accreditation - CAAM HP No five, Still Costs Near No one after Scholarships. Can Prefer No one than No 5. six Year Duration. Longer, Expensive

    4. Medical Faculty of Americas St Kitts and Nevis 1998 Full Accreditation - ACCM Pre Medicine Unavailable, Not Ideal for Indian Pupils. Costly, Suitale for American Pupils Only

    5. Trinity School of Medicine St Vincent and also the Grenadines 2008 Full Accreditation - CAAM HP Best Choice with good Success and Less costly compared to Most Caribbean Medical Schools.

    Five Years, Success, Good Standards and Half Cost. Indeed, This's the very best CHOICE

    6. St Mathews University Cayman Islands 2002 Full Accreditation - ACCM Pre Medicine Unavailable, Not Ideal for Indian Pupils. Costly, Suitale for American Pupils Only

    7. University of Health and Medicine Sciences St Kitts and Nevis 2008 Full Accreditation - ACCM Pre Medicine Unavailable, Not Ideal for Indian Pupils. Costly, Suitale for American Pupils Only

    NOTE: As of 2018, Just the above nine Universities are Appropriately Accredited as needed by US Department of Education (NCFMEA). Pupils are encouraged To not sign up for institutions Outside the above mentioned List. For The Information of yours, Below are few of the Non Accredited / Provisional Accredited Insttutions:

    Expenses & SCHOLARSHIPS


    Expenses involved in studying medication in the Caribbean might vary from faculty to faculty. On an average, the price might differ from INR 30 70 Lakhs general, inclusive of meals accommodation, miscellaneous and academic expenses, travel, etc. In few universities the fee might go too much.

    Nevertheless, the price associated with pursuing a similar course of Usa is quite high. The pupils, on clearing USMLE / additional licensing examinations purchase an entry into the residency program, and that is profitable sufficient because of the pupil to access the price totally in Maximum one - two Years.


    Scholarships are out there to aspiring pupils based on academic performance as well as merit, enthusiasm towards studying medication, demand, etc. The MBBS of mine Abroad staff will help support all eligible pupils in the procedure of using for scholarships.

    Program PROCESS:

    Health-related colleges in the Caribbean have three intakes each year - January, May and September.

    Pupils must use no less than two weeks before the course start date for effective admissions. The documents necessary for program are:

  • Tenth std mark sheets as well as pass certificate
  • 12th std mark sheets as well as pass certificate
  • Certificate and ug Mark Sheets (If any)
  • Message of passport
  • Statement of purpose
  • Reference letters The documents needed could differ time to time. Kindly contact The MBBS of mine Abroad team for updated assistance and information on the application of yours and subsequent process

  • Caribbean countries normally provide simple visa access to pupils intending to study medicine
  • Nearly all lands initially provide one Year visa for the pupils, which could be renewed on arrival / annual basis.
  • The next documents are needed for the Visa application as well as renewal:
  • Academic papers (10th, 12th, etc)
  • Health Certificate
  • Passport
  • Admission as well as acceptance letters, etc The MBBS of mine Abroad team will process the entire practice on behalf of the pupil.
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