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Thousands of student dreams of being a doctor to be able to save lives, and give an insight into the mysterious form we call life. As MBBS consultants we understand that this dream is not that easy to achieve all by oneself.

Starting your MBBS studies can be quite challenging especially if you have always wanted the best medical school for yourself and wanted to explore the career opportunities that overseas MBBS studies could bring to you.

If you have been thinking of this hurdle lately then head straight towards New Bel Road to consult with our overseas MBBS consultants, your perfect destination to help you overcome any obstacles you face while aiming for your Overseas MBBS studies.

  • To start studying overseas you will need to fulfil as few academic criteria like having the required percentage of marks in your last qualifying exam, passing a few eligibility examinations and to have all the documents ready. You might have already chosen a medical school in abroad for yourself and our consultants will help you to get a complete insight on that particular school along with a few other choices that you may consider as options.
  • Applying to the schools can be another hurdle as it requires t spend a lot of time going over each condition. Our consultants ensure that as a student you need not spend much time over this and instead can focus on your academic preparation to pass all the bar exams and get the qualifying scores. All the application process and applying are taken care of by our consultants. We ensure the correct and timely submission of your complete application.
  • Each medical school is unique and has its own pros and cons. All the pros and cons are clearly mentioned by our consultants to ensure that you can take an informed decision on your MBBS studies and future career. Scholarship related details and application for the scholarships based on your marks and academics are also made by our consultants to make the fees of your studying abroad come down a notch.
  • Visa application and the whole procedure is handled by our MBBS consultants as well to make sure that you get your visa on-time and can be present in your school on the very first day. As soon as the call letter arrives and you decide on a college, our consultants submit your visa application and get the dates for your visa interview ready.
  • Our MBBS consultants also help you to have knowledge about the culture of the place and the medical school beforehand so that you can easily make friends and mix with your fellow batch mates while you blend in with the place
  • All our overseas MBBS consultants in New Bel Road are professionals who have the correct and updated information regarding overseas medical schools.

    Our priority is to ensure that you get into your dream college while keeping all your consultations confidential. Our service charges are quite budget-friendly and we also have several discounted offers which further minimizes your consultation charges

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