• In case every one of the things that we have previously told you about France weren't enough, what in case we told you the country has one of the more prestigious educational systems in the planet, also? Regardless of whether you're an individual seeking undergraduate scientific studies, postgraduate schooling or maybe another thing, a great education could effortlessly be discovered in the nation.

    Regardless of what region you visit there are educational institutions and numerous universities offering world class education for individuals wide and far.

    There's cause which a lot of individuals decide to visit France to receive the education of theirs when it's the greatest training you need, it's really worth the time of yours to check out the colleges as well as universities which are readily available during the entire nation.

  • As a pupil at one of those institutions you are able to be confident you are going to receive an incredible training, while simultaneously experiencing the a number of other things which are being loved in the nation. The universities in France offer pupils the opportunity to attend the institutions of theirs, on a complete as well as part time basis, with a selection of training schedules as well as programs out there.

    These classes will all differ by the college, also the occasions you are able to go to. Nevertheless, it's rather easy to find something which accommodates the schedule of yours and enables you to go to university in the own time of yours.

    Several of the universities in France might also offer the students of theirs the chance to complete several of the courses of theirs at home via the own computer of theirs. This's once again a thing you must consult the faculty concerned, as only some of them is going to offer this feature. Furthermore, it might not be presented for those courses or even for all subjects.

    It's a French tradition to welcome overseas pupils from all across the globe. Since the Middle Ages, and also the birth of La Sorbonne, the very first French Faculty, which happened over 800 years back, pupils from all across Europe came to France to learn, particularly in the areas of theology, law and medicine. Though individuals aren't merely coming from Europe any longer.

    Numerous pupils coming from the Usa to attend college in France. Right now there are additionally a growing portion of college enrollees from various other places also.

    Individuals visit France to get the education of theirs since they understand what system type awaits them. France is keen on offering top of the line training in all the subjects and also to other pupils. This's a true statement whatever faculty you intend to attend.

    Regardless of what country you're originating from, you are able to look to be welcomed with arms that are open. There's very much variety in France.

    It's among the things which keeps the nation like an incredible place to be for those.

    It's generally good to realize that you are going to fit right in with the group whenever you arrive.

    Nobody is going to question the reality it could be difficult being the brand new kid on the block.

    In case you're coming out of another culture and nation and therefore are ignorant of the nation and recognize no one, it could be far scarier. Understanding wherever you decide to go in France you are able to be confident that you're planning to be welcomed as well as feel right at home, actually is a huge boon.

    The French government introduced an energetic assistance policy in 1998 welcoming international pupils into French educational facilities.

    The policy was created as well as followed through by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs together with the Ministry of Education and it is comprised of 4 various components. These 4 parts are:
    In order to change the policy of visas given, in order to help with the simplification of its and also to give priority to other pupils.

    2 remarkable steps are passed as well: the refusals of commitment and the proper to appeal.

    The development of the Campus France Agency, particularly contained in training fairs, to market French schooling in international places. It's suggested that most pupils thinking about learning in France must go to its web site: The present creation of a European Faculty to make diplomas obtainable in the nation more reliably.

    A brand new organized system of French Government grants which permits them to be much more appealing to overseas pupils as well as additionally to create these grants fit with the internationalization of the French institutions of advanced schooling.

    Using for a place in a greater education institution in France is simple, with international pupils having the capability to use to as much as twenty various colleges with a single program on the internet. Because you're powerless to put on to colleges personally when you're in another country, this's something which may help make it a lot easier on all pupils hoping to sign up for a French faculty.

    You'll additionally think it is pretty easy to browse the colleges which are readily available in France with the aid of the net. Most colleges in France have a site you are able to go to. If you check out the site of the university that you're keen on, you are able to learn a great deal about them and determine in case it's a great fit for the specific needs of yours.

    France has over 3,500 institutions of higher education, like the following:

    Seventy seven publicly funded colleges, offering amounts in most disciplines and serving as the main academic analysis centers A parallel method of Grandes Ecoles providing scientific, company, art form along with other particular applications, and they provide 5 year diplomas that are equal to a Masters degree Facilities of architecture Over 3,000 specialized schools providing degrees in a multitude of topics, which includes hotel management, culinary arts, social work and tourism.

    Pupils hoping to attend a French academic institution for higher learning is going to find there're a significant amount of financial possibilities awaiting them to make attending faculty easier.

    Both grants and loans are out there to pupils who qualify for the investment. Furthermore, the French authorities offsets several of the expense of joining faculty in the nation, which makes it a sensible monetary decision to attend a college in France.

    Tuition costs in the nation are much less than in other parts.
    Mixed with the outstanding learning and institutions abilities in the nation, studying in France has a plethora of benefits plus advantages which are certain to be valued.

    The typical price of joining a French institution is 186 EUR for initial year degrees as well as 255 EUR for just a master 's degree.

    These figures are correct for the 2012 2013 school year.
    Again the particular level of tuition cost may vary based on the numerous factors that we have previously discussed. These prices are much less than what's found at a number of other colleges and universities across the planet, all for one of the better educations on the planet.

    Additional advantages which allow it to be plausible to attend college in France are the costs of living in the nation.
    It's much more affordable to endure in France compared to a nation like the United States. Prices are exponentially less for almost anything, no matter if it's housing, food as well as entertainment.

    The typical costs of popular things in the country:

    Joints Meal ten EUR McDonalds Combo Meal 6.50 EUR
    Home-based Beer three EUR
    Cappuccino three EUR Coke/Pepsi 3.00 EUR
    Loaf of White Bread 3.00 EUR
    Milk, one litre 1.20 EUR
    Petrol 1.60 EUR per gallon
    Online 30.00 to 50.00 EUR
    These're just some of the expense of items in the nation.
    Once again, the particular amount of money you are going to pay will be different based on the location that you're in.

    Obviously, the opportunity to dwell in France is among the major and the very best reasons to attend an university in the city of the choice of yours.

    The nation is definitely stylish in each and every imaginable way, then something that you truly should experience for yourself.

    There's very much to see as well as do in each and every part of the country; in addition to several of the world's very best restaurants, art galleries as well as entertainment venues.

    In case you occur to go to a college in Paris, you are able to experience the wonders of the Eiffel Tower as well as several restaurants with best chefs. France is definitely breathtaking in beauty and in enjoyment.

    There's something for girls and guys, and also individuals of ages.
    Art, museums as well as wine are 3 things that you are able to rely on finding no matter in which you go in the nation.

    In case this's one thing that interests you, the opportunity to take a trip to France for an education will definitely be a lot more attractive than it might are previously.

    Not merely can you notice art classes taught all over the colleges, you'll be amazed at the countless wine and museums tasting opportunities that you are able to additionally enjoy any time of the entire year.

    But there are educational facilities which is usually discovered all over the nation, whether you're keen on learning in Paris or maybe would rather go closer to the southern or northern borders.

    Every one of the colleges comes with an alternative part of specialised learning, therefore you need to base the choice of yours on the spot of study that interests you most. Furthermore, you are going to find that several facilities provide the courses of theirs in English, while others teach in French.

    This's another decision which should be made in advance. You are going to find which all of these institutions provide you with some really enjoyable challenges and benefits of attending, though the degree that's earned is definitely well worth this in the long run.

    Right now there are certainly myriad explanations why joining an university in France is attractive to anyone from around the planet.

    These are the lowest tuition expenses, the opportunity to examine this incredible state as well as the gain of getting several of probably the most esteemed training and education from best teachers, though you can make certain that the gains extend far beyond those which are mentioned above.

    No matter who you're or what you would like to learn, attending a faculty in France is among the best decisions that you'll actually make in the entire life of yours.


    Long Stay Student Visa

    1. One long stay application form duly filled and signed. Long stay ? for duration of more than 90 days, the ?Long stay? visa form should be completed.

    2. Two passport size photographs of the past 3 months meeting set standards ? one must be attached to the application form (Size 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, with clear background).

    3. Passport: a full national private passport or official travel document with a minimum of three months validity beyond the validity of the requested visa, with two blank visa pages face to face with the mention ?visa? to affix the visa sticker. The passport should be issued less than 10 years ago.

    4. One copy of the passport mentioning personal identity and validity extension information, ?note on remarks? page and all the pages which contain Schengen visas.

    5. Old passports: if you own one or more former passports, you must bring them.

    6. A print out of your Campus France ID number (NOC letter given by Camps France).

    7. A letter of registration from a French Academic Institution or a certificate testifying that you will follow a European Union Training Programme or proof of scholarship.

    8. Cover letter explaining the study project and your motivation, including a short curriculum vitae.

    9. Proof of resources: tuition fees + a minimum of 615 Euros/month x by number of months of stay (living expenses). Only liquid assets will be considered.
    In the case of family member/friend funding your studies, an undertaking must be provided on plain paper duly signed along with supporting financial documents.

    Bank statements of the last 3 months (of the individual sponsoring the education and the student?s bank statements if he/she has an account in his/her name).

    If you are being hosted by a family in France, an ?Attestation d?accueil? will have to be provided by the family (A sample of this document may be downloaded from "").

    In such a case you will have to show resources for a minimum of 300 Euros per month for your living expenses.

    Note: holders of a scholarship are not concerned. A certificate mentioning the amount and the duration of the scholarship is only required

    10. Proof of medical insurance with coverage valid for France if you are attending a school or university for a stay which is less than 6 months, or if you are 28 or older regardless of the length of your studies (+ 1 photocopy). You will have to prove that the coverage is valid while you study in France with a letter from your medical insurance.

    11. One copy of your round trip ticket if you are studying 6 months or less (+ 1 photocopy) or a one way ticket only if you are studying in France more than 6 months (+ 1 photocopy).

    12. The ?Office Français de l?Immigration et de l?Intégration? OFII form duly filled and signed. Download the OFII form on the

    13. Accommodation during the first three months of the stay. Proof of residency in France such as a lease, electricity bill, title of property etc. for a minimum of 3 months + 1 photocopy. Hotel: reservation and necessary resources to cover costs. Accommodation provided by an individual: ?attestation d?accueil?, or attestation by solemn undertaking (in this case, the copies of identity card and electricity bill and receipt for rent payment or title of property must been provided). Accommodation in an establishment (or in an institution) or provided by an establishment (or an institution): attestation by the establishment or the institution.

    14. As part of the process, a processing fee of INR 12500 (free movers) and INR 4000 (exchange students) will be charged. (Please note that the scholarship holders do not have to pay the processing fee) The Campus France processing fee cannot be paid online. You would need to make the payment in cash at the nearest BNP Paribas branch.

    VISA Fee:

    50 Euros (in equivalent Indian Rupees, to be paid in cash at the time of depositing the application file).

    Time process:

    Minimum 2 to 3 weeks. Maximum depends upon embassy.


    There is a separate visa fee to be paid at the VFS France at the time submission of the passport & all documents. For details, please visit - ""

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