High Quality Universities

Poland has over 450 HEIs (Higher Education institutions). The very best 3 of them are broadly recognised as local academic centres. Right now there are as well extremely specialised universities which allow the development of great pros from a broad spectrum of fields. The annual ranking of Polish colleges gave the best 3 locations on the following institutions.


Studying in Poland is less expensive than doing this in other areas of Europe. Tuition costs begin by using under 1500 EUR a year as well as seldom go more than 3000 EUR. As compared to the typical costs of individual colleges in France, Germany, the Scandinavia or UK, this may be a huge saving in the beginning of the studies of yours. For instance, based on, Northern European nations ask pupils paying around ten zero EUR every year while in France tuition costs vary from 2000 to 7000 EUR. But where the real economising comes into play is in the cost of living. A shared flat in the city centre for 100-150 EUR or a room in a student dormitory for 100 EUR? No problem. What?s more, a monthly public transport ticket costs only 25 EUR per month, and during the warmer half of the year you can use public bikes which are almost free of charge. After a few weeks in Poland, you?ll certainly learn how to get a cinema ticket for 3 EUR or a tasty lunch for less than 5 EUR. Poland is the promised land for the thrifty.

Vibrant Student and Cultural Life

  • As all of us know, being a pupil is a lot more than merely studying. It's just as crucial as the additional parts of higher education: partying, sports, music festivals, film festivals, hanging out with friends, going from town for the holidays, etcetera. This's why you will certainly not regret choosing Poland.

  • Because of the rapid economic growth of ours within the last 2 years, the cultural offerings of Poland are much like every other European nation, but with the own character of its.

  • Poland is gone to each summer season by the world's greatest pop music stars. Small Poles are real lovers of alternate society so that they go to in droves festivals including Open'er (jokingly known as the Polish Coachella, awarded Best Major European Festival of the 2009) or maybe Festival that is off (chosen as the very best medium sized music festival in Europe 2011).

  • Each year, each faculty organizes the own carnival of its called Juwenalia. During Juwenalia, most classes are cancelled so every person has some time to party.

  • You will find lots of items to watch/listen to/get associated with each day in the greatest cities, therefore you are going to find zero time for boredom.

  • Poland is a Part of the Socrates?Erasmus Programme

    Since 1998, Poland is a part of the Socrates Erasmus program as well as these days over 300 Polish HEIs participate. In 2013 alone, around 10,000 students from all over Europe came to Poland, mostly choosing universities in Warsaw, Pozna?, Kraków, Wroc?aw and ?ód?. The additional best part is the fact that in case the country of yours is in the Socrates Erasmus system, you most likely will not require a visa to go to Poland.

    Scholarships for Non-EU Students

    If your country does not belong to the Socrates-Erasmus network, there are still a handful of opportunities. Each year, a considerable number of scholarships for non-EU foreign students are launched. Most of them are dedicated to students from Eastern European Partnership countries: Armenia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, but almost everybody can find a scholarship for which he or she is eligible. The best way to find out is to contact the Polish embassy in your country, as they usually coordinate bilateral student exchange programmes.

    Affordable and Delicious Cuisine

    Polish cuisine is mainly recognized because of its comforting and fulfilling dishes as pierogi as well as kie?basa. For the conscious about their health, it's additionally great to find out that Poland is in the cutting edge of non GMO, bio, along with natural food trends. The culture of eating carefully and healthily choosing products that are organic is extremely common nowadays in Poland. Because we've an easy capitalist system, this need has created a big source. But there are occasional fairs of food that is organic organised in each and every district of larger cities along with lots of restaurants for consumers that are aware. What is more, the cost of food that is organic is affordable, only somewhat higher than for available products in supermarkets. No more need to spend 4 times the cost just never to drink milk which never spoils or maybe an evergreen apple!

    Polish Hospitality

    Remarkable hospitality is profoundly rooted in Polish culture. You are able to count on every casual invitation for a supper or a dinner to wind up as being a three course feast. Polish grandmas will invariably provide you with seconds even in case you beg her never to. Poles will not wait to provide you with their flat for one night or 2 in case you've troubles with arranging accommodation and they also often want to make the stay of yours in Poland more comfortable as well as interesting. As history is a crucial part of Polish identity nearly every Pole is going to tell you breath-taking stories about the hometown of theirs, immediately becoming an attractive and free tour guide.

    Polish Sense of Humour

    Most Poles have something in common - an incredibly distinct, tart sense of humour which has an extremely good foundation. For numerous years, during the entire communist period, speaking the reality about things that are certain was forbidden. Censorship efficiently banned some sign of political incorrectness. Poles and then considered building an entirely linguistic method of jokes, metaphors as well as figurative expressions which seemed innocent but actually conveyed encrypted criticism of communist realities - typically in an extremely amusing manner. Although communism is over, the Polish love for challenging jokes lives on. Witty comebacks are usually extremely valued as well as lecturers constantly make a laugh or perhaps 2 to appeal for their audience 's attention and sympathy.

    Documents Required

    1. Visa form (Application for National visa form)
  • Application form should be filled clearly /readably/ in capital letters or type written.

  • All questions should be answered, with no line left blank.

  • Marital status should be clearly filled.

  • Forms with any kind of correction will not be accepted.

  • Application must be personally filled by the applicant.

  • 2. Current Passport
  • Passport should be valid for at least three months from the date of expiry of Polish visa obtained by the applicant.
  • Passport must contain at least two blank pages for visas.
  • Copy of passport pages with personal data.
    3. All previous passports.
    4. Acceptance letter from the University.
    5. Confirmation of the fee payment at least for one year (long-term study) or one semester (in case of short term).
    6. CV
    7. Certificate of educational qualifications (class 10th Mark Sheet & Certificate, Class 12th Mark Sheet & Certificate, graduation Mark Sheet & Certificate - in case of PG Course), all must be authenticate by MEA.
    8. Documents confirming sufficient financial resources for study in Poland.
    9. Bank account in the name of the applicant, if have. (Minimum 10-12 lacks required to show).
    10. A letter from the host or sponsor (i.e. sponsorship letter)confirming support of the applicant during the stay in Poland including bank statements and bank certificates, income tax, Fixed Deposits.
    11. Certificate of no criminal record (Police Clearance Certificate should be legalized).
    12. Insurance policy for 30,000 euro for 1 year.
    13. Ticket booking/ Itinerary.
    14. Covering Letter.
    15. Photographs Specification on photo for visa.
    16. CA REPORT (if available).

    Embassy of Poland in New Delhi

    1. 50-M, Shantipath, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110021
    2. Tel: 011 4149 6901
    3. Consulate Of Poland
    1. Address: 2nd Floor Manavi Apt 36 Baug Kher Marg, Malabar Hill, Mumbai, Maharashtra - 400006
    2. Tel: 022 2285 2631
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