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If you or someone aspiring to go abroad for further studies then TOEFL exam is one such test that may get you to your goal. This exam can prove to be instrumental in bringing you closer to your choice of career.

This is the reason why there are a number of overseas institutions that offer TOEFL coaching that helps to prepare you for your exam preparation and get you moving towards your study destination.

But the question is how you find the best institute that can take care of all your coaching needs and help you crack the exam without much hassle. Additionally it can also assist you in your overseas education procedure and guide you in the right way.

TOEFL coaching center in new Bel Road is one such coaching center that can take care of all your coaching needs and help you get a comprehensive base of the exam to be attempted. We gave an expert set of faculty service that takes care of all your preparation needs.

Join our institute as one of the leaders in TOEFL coaching that will help you improve your score and fetch you the college of your choice. We focus on building up a competitive edge that helps boost your score and propel your preparation in the right direction.

What Is TOEFL?

TOEFL is a test of English as a Foreign Language and is considered as a mandatory test of your English knowledge. As the name suggests, it is an English test that helps gauge your knowledge and proficiency in the language. The testing system is looked after by the Educational Testing Services (ETS).

This test is known to be an admission criterion for all those who belong to a non-English speaking background and are looking for enrollment into universities in the United States of America. English is the first language and is used wisely to communicate and study

Earlier there were two formats that were used from conduct the TOEFL examination. This included a Computer Based Test (CBT) and written Test based on a paper that was provided (PBT). Although the PBT format of exam still exists, the CBT format had been completely eliminated.

The duration of the TOEFL examination is about 4 hours and it is usually divided into four main subcategories. These include Reading that is for 60-100 minutes, Listening skills that is of the duration 60 ?90 minutes, Speaking test of 20 minutes and lastly the Writing test of about 50 minutes.

The score thus obtained in TOEFL test are valid and accepted for two years from the date of appearing for the exam.

For details related to the test dates, registration process and the nearest TOEFL centre, one can get in touch with us as a premiere TOEFL coaching center in new Bel Road and all the details can be obtained from us.

The test is conducted around 50 times per year and can be taken more than once in case you are looking to improve your score.

The Paper-Based Test or (PBT is available only in a few selected locations. The duration for the test is 2 hours and 30 minutes and there are four sections to be attempted.

The sections comprise of Listening, Structure and Written expression, Reading Comprehension and Writing.

The fees for TOEFL in India is affordable and it varies as per the location from where you are taking the test.

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