• Capital                                 : London
  • Popular Cities                     : London, Manchester, Sheffield, Edinburg, Newcastle, Glasgow.
  • Travel Time from India    : 9 hours by flight
  • Currency                             : Pound Sterling



  • Education is of High Quality and internationally recognized.
  • UK Institutions are consistently ranked among the best in the World.
  • The UK has vast experience of hundreds of years of Education.
  • Value for money.
  • Shorter & more intensive courses.
  • Excellent and World-Class Academic and Educational facilities.
  • More than 130+ Universities to choose from.
  • Offers a broad spectrum of subjects.
  • UK Education is affordable.
  • A popular destination for Indian students.
  • 20 hours per week of part-time job during studies for degree courses. 
  • 10 hours per week of part-time job during studies for diploma courses. 
  • Full-time job during holidays (40 hrs. per week)
  • Scholarships and Bursaries are available.
  • Student discount facilities.
  • World Class Qualification.
  • Large areas of Specialization.
  • Flexible programs.
  • 2000 courses to choose from. 
  • Courses with paid internship available
  • Courses are updated annually.



The biggest advantage of UK Education in comparison to other educational destinations worldwide is that up provides shorter durations programs.

* For Undergraduate – 3 years (4 years in Scotland)

* For Postgraduate – 1 year



Type of Institute/Level of course  Post Graduate Courses  Undergraduate Degree Below UG Degree Level; Diploma Dependant
Universities with tier 4 license Can work 20 hours during study time and full time during holidays. Can work 20 hours during study time and full time during holidays.

Can Work 10  hours during

Study time and full time 

during  holidays

Allowed for course 

more than12 month

with NQF Level 7

Publicly Funded Colleges Of Further Higher Education Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time
Private Funded Colleges Of Further Higher Education Which are Highly trusted Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time Cannot work part-time



IELTS: International English Learning Testing System

In general, the English Language requirement as per UKVI is CEFR (Common European

The framework of Reference for Languages) Level B2 which is as mentioned below:-

* Minimum 5.5 Overall with 5.5 in each section in IELTS

* Although UKVI requirement is IELTS 5.5 overall but most of the UK Universities require

* Students with IELTS 6.0 or 6.5 overall with minimum 5.5 in each section.

* IELTS waiver is available, In most of the universities if the student has secured more than 65% – 70% Marks in 12TH English.



UK Universities have two major intakes:


However, some universities have intakes in March, April and November also.


Time Schedule for the UK for September Intake:-

IELTS Coaching                             : April

Give IELTS Exams                         : May

IELTS Results                                 : End May

Applications for Sept Intake       : April, May, June, July

Offer Letters                                  : May, June, July

Prepare & Apply for Visa             : July, August

Fly to UK                                         : September

Time Schedule for the UK for January intake:-

IELTS Coaching                                    : June, July

Give IELTS Exams                                : July

IELTS Results                                       : End of July

Applications for Jan Intake                : July, August, September, October, Nov

Offer Letters                                         : August, September, October, November

Prepare & Apply for Visa                    : November, December

Fly to UK                                               : January

Cost Structure of 1 Year of Education in the UK

IELTS Coaching Academic
Exam Fees 12,650 or 18,500(for UKVI IELTS
Tuition Fees 12,00,000
Living Cost 6,00,000
Visa Fees 32,508
NHS Health Surcharge(£150  per year+£75) 20,000
Total 18,70,208
Less Part-Time Earnings 5,75,000
Net Cost 12,95,208
Assistantships/Scholarships Yes
Nature of Part-Time Jobs

Off-Campus 20 hours per week.

During vacation 40 hours per week


Money to be Spent by Student                                                                                                           13,00,000


              Sources of Finance

Self-funded – Parents


Loans – from nationalized banks or private sector banks. A guarantor or collateral security is required. Interest rates are low and repayment begins after completion of the program.


Employment – Current immigration regulations permit students to work part-time (20 hours a week and 40 hours during vacation.)

Earnings through part-time work

Students going for a Masters level course gets 16 months visa. She/he has to attend regular college for 9 months during this period she/he can work only for 20 hours a week and during 3 months of vacation and 4 months of the extended period she/he can work for 40 hours a week. Minimum wages or salary per hour is 7.05 GBP per hour so she/he can earn by doing part-time work as per the calculation shown below.

9 m x 4 w x 20 hrs x £7.38               = £5313.6

7 m x 4 w x 40 hrs x £7.38               = £8265.6 

Total Earning through part-time work £13579.2 (12 Lakhs approx) 

Entry Criteria for Masters

Type of University Entry Requirements

High Ranked Universities

60% – 70% in Graduation 

Middle Ranked Universities

55 – 65%

Low Ranked Universities

50 – 55% in Graduation
Course IELTS Requirement
For Masters 6.5

For Pre-Masters, student needs to have UKVI IELTS

Entry Criteria for Bachelors Programmed

Type of University Entry Requirements
High Ranked Universities 70% – 85% in  class 12TH

Middle Ranked 


60% – 70% in class 12Th


Low Ranked Universities

55% – 60% in class 12Th




  • IELTS requirement ranges from 6.0-6.5 with no band less than 5.5 depending upon the course and university.
  • For foundation, the student needs to have UKVI IELTS.